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We Just Make Music For Ourselves

A show by theatre company Highway Diner, who collaborated with Swimmer One to make a live show – part-theatre/part-gig – which was performed in Glasgow and Edinburgh in 2005 and in Biella, Italy in 2006.

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Laura Cameron Lewis, Kelly Crow, Kieran McLoughlin, Chris Morgan, Hamish Brown, Andrew Eaton-Lewis.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

A collaboration between director Cora Bissett, playwright David Greig and Swimmer One on a major, Creative Scotland-funded project which brought together new work by over 20 of Scotland’s most distinctive writers and musicians, all of whom were invited to create something inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am. This resulted in a live theatre show – staged at the Arches, Glasgow (2012) and Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh (2013) – a film directed by Daniel Warren, a 16-track album and an accompanying book design by Studio LR.

Show Credits

Director: Cora Bissett
Visuals: Kim Beveridge
Lighting Designer: Paul Sorley
Set Design: Alice Wilson

Contributing writers and musicians

Alan Bissett, Alan Spence, Annie Griffin, Bigg Taj, Conquering Animal Sound, Cora Bissett, David Greig, David Ireland, Emma Pollock, Errors, Eugene Kelly, Isabel Wright, Kieran Hurley, Kirstin Innes, Laura Lewis and the Teadance Orchestra, Meursault, Rachel Sermanni, Ricky Ross, RM Hubbert, Seafieldroad, Skye Loneragan, Stef Smith, Swimmer One, Talkingmakesnosense, Withered Hand, Wounded Knee,


Frances Thorburn, John Kielty, Steve Ryan, Ruth Mills, Laura Cameron-Lewis, Sarah Miele, Andrew Eaton-Lewis, Hamish Brown, Rachel Sermanni, Neil Pennycook, RM Hubbert, Dan Willson, Drew Wright, Bigg Taj, Cora Bissett, Emma Pollock, Ricky Ross,