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Note: On indefinite hiatus since 2013
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Swimmer One, 2010. Photo: Jannica Honey

‘They give intelligence a good name and are more windswept than worthy. Their music has the quirky intricacy of Belle & Sebastian and the soaring atmosphere of Blue Nile, and it is very, very good.’

The Guardian

‘Their songs often evoke the wind-blown expanses of the Scottish countryside and coastline. But there’s little narrow-minded or hidebound about their exhilarating debut, The Regional Variations, one of the finest of this year’s freshman efforts.’

The Independent

‘One of the country’s most exciting bands.’

The List

Swimmer One write and record their experimental pop music in a studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. They have been compared to everyone from the Pet Shop Boys and The Associates to the Blue Nile and The Who. They released two albums, The Regional Variations (2007) and Dead Orchestras (2010) and several singles via their their own label, Biphonic Records, before 10 years of activity was drawn to a close in 2013.

They marked the 20th anniversary of their debut release by remixing and remastering all their back catalogue and releasing Outliers (2023), a 9-track compilation on which the band revisit and remaster eight non-album tracks, a process that led to their first new song since 2012, Twenty Years Too Soon, Twenty Years Too Late.

From 2011 to 2013 Swimmer One worked with director Cora Bissett and playwright David Greig on a Whatever Gets You Through The Night, which brought together new work by over 20 of Scotland’s most distinctive writers and musicians. This resulted in a live theatre show, a film, a 16-track album and an accompanying book.

Hamish Brown and Andrew Eaton-Lewis formed Swimmer One in 2002, initially as a studio project, with Laura Cameron Lewis joining the line-up in 2007. Another key contributor is Daniel Warren, who has made several short films with the band and designs their artwork.